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  • Alice Samtoy

Tram Works at Blenheim Place

It has been brought to our attention that access to and egress from Blenheim Place has been significantly impacted by the latest traffic management arrangements implemented by the Trams Project. While we were aware that there would be restrictions in place for about three weeks to allow resurfacing of the southbound section of Leith Walk at its junction with London Road, it appears that traffic leaving Blenheim Place will be more impacted than had been communicated.

We have highlighted our concerns through the New Town and Broughton Community Council to the Trams Project team. We have yet to receive a response from them but will forward any update.

While egress from Blenheim Place is prevented all vehicles from the Terraces will need to use Carlton Terrace Brae. Remember that the bus gate on Princes Street outside the Balmoral Hotel has been suspended for the duration of the Trams work so it is possible to use Princes Street to access South St David Street and then Queen Street if you are wishing to travel west. Also, now that the work on the northbound side of Picardy Place and Antigua Street has been completed it is possible to turn right from Regent Road on to Leith Street to access Broughton Street or Elm Row.

If you have any specific concerns or ideas to mitigate the consequences of the closure, please let us know.


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