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  • Francis Galashan

Proposed Street Closures

Edinburgh Council Policy and Sustainability Committee at a meeting on 14th May proposed various alterations to street access and traffic flow. Their report (‘Creating Safe Spaces for Walking and Cycling’) can be seen at this link.

Among the changes proposed (Pages 5-6, Appendix 2) are the installation of bus gates on the North Bridge and East Princes Street. This would essentially close off Leith Street to traffic with the exception of buses and taxis for most of the day. In addition there are other similar proposals that would restrict traffic on Canongate, The Mound, Waverley Bridge, George IV Bridge and St David Street. These changes are described as temporary but could last 18 months. Our local New Town and Broughton Community Council has commented on the proposals for the North Bridge at this link.

Residents can make their views heard by adding their comments to the Edinburgh Council mapping tool and/or writing to our local councillors (Karen Doran, Claire Miller, Joanna Mowat and Alasdair Rankin).


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