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  • Francis Galashan

Thieves, Bins & Rats!

Charley from Regent Gardens has let us know that there was an incident recently in which a resident's motorbike was stolen from Regent Terrace. Three men were involved and the bike was freed and removed within five minutes. There was also a report recently of someone in the front basement courtyard of a property on Carlton Terrace acting suspiciously. If you see anything suspicious, please report it to the Police either on 999 if there is a crime in progress or 101 otherwise.

Concerns have been raised recently that people living on the Terraces and elsewhere are using the communal bins located on Carlton Terrace Lane. These bins were placed there many years ago by the Council for the use of Mews residents who do not have the gull proof sack service for their non-recyclable waste. Although these bins are emptied twice per week there have been occasions recently when they have been overflowing or so full that people have been placing bags of rubbish on the ground besides the bins. These bags have inevitably been attacked by gulls, squirrels and other animals looking for food. This results in a mess that needs to be cleared up and risks for public health.

If you live on the Terraces, please do make use of the gull proof sack and food waste caddy service which has been very reliable over the last few years. Non-recyclable rubbish and food waste is collected from the properties on the Terraces early every Tuesday and should be put out for collection the evening before. If you do not have a gull proof sack or food waste caddy these can be obtained from the Council using the link on their website.

There have been a few sightings of rats recently - perhaps as a result of the overflowing bins. If you see any rats these can be reported to the Council at As well as the above problems with the communal bins, there has also been a serious problem caused by overflowing litter bins on Royal Terrace. Following a number of reports to the Council, they have just been emptied. Hopefully they will continue to be emptied on a regular basis but if you see a litter problem, it can be reported to the Council using the link on their website.


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