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  • Francis Galashan

Safety alert! - Stone Balustrades

We have been alerted by one of our members who lives on Royal Terrace to a potentially serious safety issue.

During a planned inspection of their roof, concerns were raised about the condition of the balustrades at the front of the property.

Following consultation with a specialist conservation architect and a stone mason, it was decided that the stone balustrades should be urgently removed to remove the danger of them falling pending a full repair. Although the balustrades were part of the original design of the property it appears that some work done in the 1980’s may have resulted in them not being properly secured.

If you have stone balustrades on your property, you may wish to have them checked. We cannot recommend specific tradespeople, but we can share the names of the two experts involved with the case above:

Jo Parry-Geddes of Mill Architects Ltd and Archie Campbell Ltd Stonemasons .

If you encounter a similar situation, please do let us know so that we can share information with our members.


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