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  • Alice Samtoy

Dignity Boxes - donations welcome

Dear RRCTMA Members,

Greenside Church are collecting toiletries for a charity called Dignity Boxes which provides them to the homeless and others in need. This campaign has been extended until this Sunday, 3 April should you wish to make a donation.


RRCTMA Committee

Greenside Parish Church supports a number of charities throughout the year. One such charity is Dignity Boxes. This is a relatively young charity which provides toiletries to those who are homeless, on the margins of society or are living in poverty. Toiletries are provided discretely for people to pick up. Some are available to foodbank users, others go to places like Streetwork which offers a hub for people to get a shower and personal care services. During the month of March Greenside church members are donating soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, , shaving soap, deodorant etc. If anyone would like to contribute to this collection we and the recipients would be very grateful. The church is open each Sunday from 10am till noon until and including 27th March. All donations are gratefully received. Isabel McNab Session Clerk - Greenside Church.


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