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  • Alice Samtoy

Recycling Trial starts 28 October!

Dear RRCTMA Members,

For those of you living on the Terraces, there will be a change to the arrangements for the collection of dry mixed recycling from Friday 28 October. Instead of presenting this recycling in red boxes it should be placed in clear plastic bags and put out for collection in new green gull proof sacks. This change is part of a trial involving 17 streets and 1000 households across the New Town. The trial has been organised jointly with the Council and will last for at least six months. It will not only increase recycling capacity and we hope result in better recycling but also demonstrate that this is a cost-effective alternative to installing the large communal bin hubs.

Members of the Committee and other interested residents have been knocking on doors over the last week or so delivering the new green gull proof sacks and a supply of clear plastic bags. They have also been distributing a leaflet to provide more information about the trial and guidance on good recycling practice. A copy of that leaflet is attached for your reference.

If you have not received your gull proof sack and plastic bags by next Wednesday (26 October) or if you have any questions, please email or call me on 0131 556 7380. Leave a message if I am not there and I will get back to you.


Mike Birch

Recycling Trial - Gull_proof_sacks_leaflet
Download PDF • 1.60MB


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